Wine barrel saying

Would you like a glass of wine?

I begin this section by introducing myself, so that you get to know the person who is writing and trying to get the message of who we are, how we live and how we work to you.

My name is María del Carmen, though customers, neighbours and friends refer to me as Carmen, “la chica” –the little one– or  “la niña” –the girl.

As long as I can remember, the winery has been the place where all my family meet and met (my grandfather, parents, brother,…). If our neighbours saw my brother and me walking alone in the street when we were little children, they immediately knew where we were going. Of course, we were going to the winery to see what Grandpa was doing or to lend a hand to Dad or Manolo “el chofer” [the driver].

So, this business is for me and my family a part of our lives. This is the place where we always go eager to do what we like the most, willing to learn something new and improve what we have. Nevertheless, it is a business and, like everybody else, we have to pay our bills.  This means that even if we have to PRODUCE WINE, we enjoy giving OUR BEST doing so.

Please excuse me for my simple and straight writing. In compensation, I offer our genuine story. With this in mind, there was no better way of starting this entry than with the typical sentence which my grandfather Rafael always welcomed people to the winery with: Would you like a glass of wine?