Dorado Sierra Morena

Traditional wine from Villaviciosa de Córdoba

With Organic Certification since 1978

We take care of our vine following the tradition of cultivation in mountainous areas: globet-pruning, moderate tillage, winter grazing, cleaning work and harvesting by hand.

The grapes are harvested by hand in September, when they are ripened. The grapes go to the winery and directly to the pneumatic press, where the must is extracted with taps of soft pressure. This must is rich in sugars, flavours, colour and taste. Thanks to the action of yeasts grown in our vineyard and present in the grapes, the must undergoes a natural fermentation process in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The must naturally reaches at least 15.5 degrees alcohol.

It is aged under the natural yeast membrane [“bajo velo de flor”] by the traditional method “Criaderas y Soleras” in American oak barrels.

When this first ageing process is completed over the years, the wine goes through an oxidizing ageing process in the barrels. The natural yeast membrane [“velo de flor”] disappears, the colour of the wine changes, and the smell and flavours get concentrated.

After having been at least fifteen years in the barrels, the best selection of this intensely aromatic wine –with  “solera” since 1870 – is bottled under the name of Dorado Sierra Morena. It naturally reaches 18 degrees alcohol.


Clean and bright mahogany or amber-coloured wine over the years. Good “legs” due to its natural high alcohol content.

Intense and clean, this is a multi-layered wine to be smelt many times.

Its dry taste is elegant, smooth and intense in the mouth. This mouth-filling wine is persistent but not saturating.

It is a complex wine but easy to drink, excellent as an accompaniment to smoked fish, cheese,… You can also use it to flavour soups, consommés, roast meat,…It is perfect to share with friends on any occasion, or to drink slowly at home, enjoying it.

Grape Varieties: Arís 40%, Palomino 30% and Pedro Jiménez 30%.

Elaboration Process: traditional method “Criaderas y Soleras” and an oxidizing ageing process.

Average Ageing: 15 years

Alcohol: 18%